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May 16 - 23 2021


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Lamenting Christian Nationalism Week of Action

We call on those who identify as followers of Jesus to take action against Christian Nationalism during a Week of Action beginning May 16, 2021. We believe that Jesus calls us to stand against any ideology, which can be expressed as idolatry of a nation, that informs acts of injustice, exclusion and racism within our nation and to stand for a vision of Christianity expressed in America that honors people of all colors, cultures and ethnicities.

We understand that to be a follower of Jesus includes both spiritual and practical expressions of our faith. As a followup to the Lenten Prayer Vigil and Call to Communal Repentance event on March 26, 2021, we invite you to take tangible and prayerful actions during the week beginning May 16, 2021. We picked this week strategically before the anniversary of George Floyd’s death to highlight the importance of dismantling oppressive systems and structures and to rebuild and re-envision a different future that centers the call of Jesus.

The event is finished.

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