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Erica Griffin

Thank you all for this episode on disability and its intersection with everything. It was so meaningful and educational for me. I am so grateful to know the both the struggle and the strength of some people with disabilities. I appreciated the honesty and also the call to do better for them and with them. Thank you again!!

Kimberly Morgan

Hi there! Throughly enjoyed this podcast and listening to so many perspectives. This podcast was what I needed.

I had a question: where are the transcripts for our d/Deaf and h/Hard of Hearing folks? I couldn’t find any on the website.

Lori Christensen

Thank you for sharing. What touched me most is the discussion of the disabled being measured by whose standard? I help my single parent brother. He has extreme ADHD and dyslexia and ended up on the street with two children. He moved from TX to PA to be near my family so that we could help. I have been going through a spiritual “awakening” you could say by having him near and having to evaluate how I intend to perceive him, his children and what my role is or should be in supporting them. I’ve learned how selfish and self… Read more »

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